Bhavay Anand

CS Undergrad Student, Open Sourcerer, Full Stack Developer, Software Engineer


Objective: To obtain a challenging and rewarding software engineer position where a degree in computer engineering and experience as a programmer will be fully utilized.

I'm a 4th year Undergrad at ASET (GGSIPU, Delhi) majoring in Computer Science Engineering, and an Open Source Contributor in my spare time. I occasionally work on various projects, draft demos on Github, and spend a lot of time expirementing with web technologies.

I am also a reader, thinker, and cinema lover. Apart from a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and, I’m mostly a self taught Full Stack Web Developer. I have been dabbling in Computer Science for the past few years, often experimenting, learning new things, building personal projects and so on. My passion drives me to stay updated with the latest trends in the field of web and information technology. I endorse the Open-Source community and do my best to contribute towards it. My goal is to meet and work with a team of like-minded people where I can ideate freely and use my expertise to achieve excellence or build something truly remarkable. I am available as a freelance web developer and would love to take up challenging projects. If you would like to talk about a project, opportunity, discuss about anything or would simply like to chat, Please feel free to leave a message :)

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